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Blue Marble Exclusive TEFL Course

Admission Fee: $997  $497

This course will fully prepare you for teaching English online. It’s the course we wish we had access to when we started out! It covers everything you need to know, including what to do once you have your qualification in order to secure the best possible teaching position. This course includes our 120-hour premium TEFL certification.

Course Features

120-Hour Premium TEFL

You will earn the internationally recognized 120 hour TEFL qualification (OTTSA certified) which is required by all reputable English teaching schools. This premium TEFL certification will open doors for you to teach English online and in various classrooms around the world!  Includes a private tutor.

Presentation Secrets

This masterclass module will reveal the secrets to presenting to children in an interesting and engaging manner. Learn how to project confidence and keep control of the lesson, even if you are nervous at the idea of being on camera. 

Building Your Environment

Discover the science around creating a workspace that’s designed to make teaching easier and more enjoyable. From backdrop and props through to setting up an efficient workstation, learn how to build the perfect environment for teaching English online.

Overcoming Obstacles

Lessons don’t always go to plan, especially when dealing with young children! This module will help you anticipate and overcome the most common obstacles you will encounter teaching English online.

Application Secrets

Learn how to have your application jump off the page so you can land the perfect teaching position. This module contains everything you need, from interview preparation through to resume & cover letter templates. We also include an entire section for non-native English speakers to equip you with the strategies you need to secure a suitable teaching position.

Getting Paid

Learn how to set up your own payment gateway so there are NO delays in getting your first paycheck! Avoid some of the easy traps when it comes to getting paid, so you don’t end up having your income watered down.

Resource Library

You will never be stuck for ideas with free lifetime access to our growing resource library. This includes games, prop examples, lesson plan templates, guides and more – all designed to make teaching a breeze.

Mock Class Vault

Learning is one thing – seeing how to apply it is another. This collection of mock class videos show other teachers in action, so you can see different teaching styles and find your own voice.

Blue Marble School List

Get full links and contact details for over 130 Online English Teaching Schools, including instant access to the largest teaching platforms – some have over 100,000 teachers!  This can be sorted by various criteria so you can quickly find the right platforms for you!

Blue Marble Tribe

Whether seeking support or sharing ideas, the Blue Marble tribe take care of their own. We are all about freedom and lifestyle. Oh, and our tribe rewards aren’t bad either!

Course Outline

Blue Marble Premium TEFL Outline

Course Requirement: Fluent English Speaker
Work at your own pace, allow 4 – 6 weeks

Premium 120-Hour TEFL:

Module 1: How to be a good teacher
Module 2: How to manage a classroom
Module 3: How to plan lessons
Module 4: About English
Module 5: Teaching reading, writing, listening and speaking
Module 6: How to teach grammar
Module 7: Teaching a new language
Module 8: Evaluating and testing
Module 9: Teaching young learners
Module 10: Teaching Online
Module 11: Teaching business English
Final exam and assignments


Module 1: Presentation Secrets
Module 2: Building Your Environment
Module 3: Overcoming Obstacles
Module 4: Application Secrets
Module 5: Getting Paid
Module 6: Resource Library
Module 7: Mock Class Vault
Module 8: Blue Marble School List
Bonus:  Join The Blue Marble Tribe

Blue Marble Premium TEFL Course

Customer Reviews

premium tefl 5 star reviews by blue marble teachers

From beginning to end I was supported through my TEFL journey as promised. All members of the team were efficient, patient, understanding and kind. I had constant support throughout! I would highly recommend them as my experience has been nothing but a breeze which has made it so much more enjoyable….

Aalia Shah

premium tefl 5 star reviews by blue marble teachers

I am blown away at the support that is always available. The course is so well structured. Practice quizzes are offered to help prepare for the exams. The assignment also has a video accompanying it to help you through it. Jody and Daniel are always willing to help … I highly recommend this course for anyone interested. Even as a first time teacher you have so much support to help you feel confident…

Riette Morgan

premium tefl 5 star reviews by blue marble teachers

The course was very easy and understandable with great video content….The tutors are always available to assist with queries and also ensure that the content are up to date and fresh and also share with you. It can be done at your own pace which was perfect for me (having a full-time job) and I enjoyed the course a lot…


premium tefl 5 star reviews by blue marble teachers

This is the best thing I have ever done to have completed the course. It was excellent, enjoyable and supportive all the way through. It has now taken me into the world of online teaching which I love. I am so pleased to have had the opportunity and am now teaching online with an excellent company. Jodie and Nadine have been great and have followed through in good communication, updates, information sharing and other job opportunities. Fully recommend…

Jane Bradley

“A Teacher affects eternity; they can never tell where their influence stops” ~ Henry Adams