I don’t know about you, but I have always wanted to travel, to see new and marvellous places and meet new and marvellous people. As a pub manager of ten years in the UK, it was hard to imagine that dream ever becoming a reality. Then my pub was being sold and I found myself with a little free time, something many people around the world have in abundance right now, and I decided it was time to check out other options in life.  

My sister put me on to an affordable TEFL course and I was immediately sold on the idea. I wasn’t selling my soul or entering into any bargains, just doing a course I enjoyed that opened up some doors. And the more I thought about it the better it sounded. No more crazy expensive flat shares in London with tiny bedrooms, people I didn’t much like, miserable grey weather, and the persistent cold! Instead I’d be trading it all in for the ability to work from anywhere and earn more money than I ever did in a pub, even at the top of my game.

My sister already lived in Vietnam, a country I had visited and adored several years before, so when it came to pick my paradise the choice was clear. Six weeks later I was on a plane to Da Nang, central Vietnam, to live by the sea and begin my teaching career.

On my way to paradise | Blue Marble Teachers

You’re Never Alone in the Blue Marble Tribe

I know for some people the thing that puts them off such a move the most is the fear of being alone. It’s understandable; A new country, a new language, an entirely different way of life. That’s why I was so fortunate to have the inside track, and why I am going to share it with you.

No one is alone in a new country unless they want to be. Blue Marble Teachers supported me and hooked me up with other teachers in my area, to go to pub quizzes with, hang out at the beach, or just grab a beer. There is always a fantastic expat community wherever you go, you just have to find it. I am happier in Da Nang than I ever was in London (certain nights out excluded), and I have the sun, the sea, good friends, and a steady job where I can write my own schedule and earn nearly $20 an hour while I’m at it. Not bad, eh?

Living the beach life | Blue Marble Teachers

I began my time in Vietnam by enjoying myself for a few weeks, getting settled, and finding a place to live (one bedroom apartment, rooftop pool, and only $300/month). I won’t lie, I was procrastinating somewhat and putting off applying for a job because I was scared that it would be so time consuming and difficult once I started. Wrong! It is definitely better to apply straight away. The Blue Marble Teachers Course will guide you through any worries you might have and get you prepped for your online interview. It can take a few days between each stage of the application, so it is far better to get started as soon as possible.

Your Career, Your Way

You can pick your own hours and open slots for when you would like to work. Don’t worry, you’ll have to complete some training exercises before they throw you into the deep end. Then, once you have checked all the boxes and are good to go, I assure you that the job is both easier, and more rewarding than any mock class make it out to be. The moment the kids, who are paying attention and well behaved (most of the time), light up and respond to you, you will never feel silly or embarrassed animatedly working through the material ever again ; it just comes naturally.

I have been teaching for three months and I earn enough in three hours a day (five days a week), to live a very comfortable and enjoyable life out here, in my very own personal paradise. So please, if it has always been dream of yours, sign up to Blue Marble today and start your teaching journey in a group that ensures support, camaraderie and fun.

Life is short. If you haven’t felt it speed up exponentially just yet, you will. Do not let is pass you by!

Thanks for Reading!

This piece was written by Naomi Yoxall.