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Premium 120-Hour TEFL

Admission Fee: $297  $197

Our accredited 120 hour premium TEFL course is the key to opening the world of teaching English as a foreign language. This standalone course will give you a certified qualification that you can use to teach both online & in classrooms around the world!

Course Features

Private Tutor

Get full support from the moment you sign up through to completion of the course. Your private tutor is there to assist you whenever necessary.

Self Paced

Work at your own pace. On average, this course takes 3 – 4 weeks to complete. You can choose to work faster or slower – you are in control.

6 Month Access

Retain full access to all the teaching material for a full 6 months from sign up date.

Study From Any Device

Our mobile friendly course format means you can study from any device connected to the internet. 

OTTSA Certified

Our 120-Hour premium TEFL is accredited by the UK’s Online TEFL Training Standards Agency (OTTSA) to ensure that the course content, methodology, and delivery meet international standards. This means that our certificates are accepted worldwide by agencies, employers, and governments.

You will receive an official certificate along with your individual certification number, so employers can easily verify your credentials.

Course Outline

120-Hour Premium TEFL Outline

Course Requirement: Fluent English Speaker
Work at your own pace, allow 3 – 4 weeks

Module 1: How to be a good teacher
Module 2: How to manage a classroom
Module 3: How to plan lessons
Module 4: About English
Module 5: Teaching reading, writing, listening and speaking
Module 6: How to teach grammar
Module 7: Teaching a new language
Module 8: Evaluating and testing
Module 9: Teaching young learners
Module 10: Teaching Online
Module 11: Teaching business English
Final exam and assignments

premium 120 hour tefl by Blue Marble Teachers

Customer Reviews

premium tefl 5 star reviews by blue marble teachers

From beginning to end I was supported through my TEFL journey as promised. All members of the team were efficient, patient, understanding and kind. I had constant support throughout! I would highly recommend them as my experience has been nothing but a breeze which has made it so much more enjoyable….

Aalia Shah

premium tefl 5 star reviews by blue marble teachers

I am blown away at the support that is always available. The course is so well structured. Practice quizzes are offered to help prepare for the exams. The assignment also has a video accompanying it to help you through it. Jody and Daniel are always willing to help … I highly recommend this course for anyone interested. Even as a first time teacher you have so much support to help you feel confident…

Riette Morgan

premium tefl 5 star reviews by blue marble teachers

The course was very easy and understandable with great video content….The tutors are always available to assist with queries and also ensure that the content are up to date and fresh and also share with you. It can be done at your own pace which was perfect for me (having a full-time job) and I enjoyed the course a lot…


premium tefl 5 star reviews by blue marble teachers

This is the best thing I have ever done to have completed the course. It was excellent, enjoyable and supportive all the way through. It has now taken me into the world of online teaching which I love. I am so pleased to have had the opportunity and am now teaching online with an excellent company. Jodie and Nadine have been great and have followed through in good communication, updates, information sharing and other job opportunities. Fully recommend…

Jane Bradley

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