Teach English Abroad - In Paradise!


Broaden Your Horizons While Expanding Young Minds

Enjoy The Freedom Of Teaching Abroad

Earn great money while having the adventure of a lifetime!

Becoming an English teacher in a foreign country can seem daunting at first. With Blue Marble Teachers, we work side by side with you to ensure that you have absolutely everything you need to launch your new lifestyle career.

Through our community, we also provide support for accommodation, adventures, food, visas, and everything else that you will need to know when choosing to teach abroad in paradise!

Teach abroad with blue marble teachers
Pick Your Paradise with Blue Marble Teachers

Pick Your Paradise!

There are teaching positions available all over South East Asia, with many stunning tropical locations to choose from. And the best part is that you can teach exclusively online, giving you more free time to explore!

Whether you want the beautiful beaches of DaNang, Vietnam or the hustle & bustle of Bangkok, Thailand – or perhaps a beach in Sri Lanka – you have the freedom to pick the paradise of your choice.

Accommodation and living expenses are extremely cheap compared to the West, so you will not have any money worries while you are having the adventure of your life!

How it Works

1. Join The Blue Marble Tribe

Join a growing tribe of like-minded individuals who decided to take control of their hours, and their earnings with the ultimate lifestyle career.


2. Begin Your Online Course

Gain an accredited TEFL certification through our Blue Marble Teachers Course, along with everything else you need to  get started.

3. The Journey Begins!

Once qualified, you will be fully prepared land your first gig and kickstart your career as an online English teacher. The Blue Marble is your oyster! 

The online education industry is booming; but as the opportunity grows, the competition gets fiercer. Act now and ensure that you stand out among the top applicants, and secure yourself the highest paying gigs.


“A Day In The Life Of An Online English Teacher”

Discover how amazing the lifestyle can be for those who teach English as a foreign language! This free guide will show you how different this lifestyle is compared to the traditional 9 – 5 work days.

Blue Marble Teachers Course

Building the Blue Marble Tribe

Blue Marble began as a support network for people traveling the world while teaching English to fund their adventures.

It has grown over time to expand into a full community and support network. When you teach abroad with Blue Marble Teachers, you are never alone. 

We have the support network in place to guide you through setting up in your desired location and help with everything you will need – and beyond.

This is a journey that you do not have to take alone.

Join the Blue Marble Tribe today – we take care of our own.


The Blue Marble Teachers Course offers so much than a TEFL Certificate…we actually teach you what to do with it! Secure the highest paying gigs and start your teaching adventure.

Freedom to make a difference with Blue Marble Teachers

Freedom To Make A Difference

With Blue Marble Teachers, you have the freedom to work the hours you choose.

Whether you choose part-time or full-time, the hours you dedicate to teaching will be hours spent equipping a new generation with the skills to be able to get by in the global economy.

When you are not working, you have the freedom to explore your paradise, while meeting amazing people who share your spirit of adventure!

While you will be changing the lives of these kids, you will also discover a new side to life you could only have dreamed was possible. 

What Our Tribe is Saying:

I’m so glad I decided to join Blue Marble! Their mentorship has made it easy to teach online and get regular classes that I can depend on. I am loving being able to stay safe during this time and work from my own home! Thanks so much Blue Marble, you’re awesome!


Danang, Vietnam